Setting up an SPGR Survey

The main steps for setting up a survey in SPGR here are, in brief:

  • Create a group for the person(s) that will be asked and/or asked about.
  • Select a Survey Type (e.g. TEAM or 360+)
  • Configure the settings for the survey where applicable (e.g. query objects, question type, instruction etc)
  • Create the survey
  • Send email invitations to all respondents in the survey.

When all of the respondents have completed their answers you should get an email notification that the survey is complete. You can then go in to access the results:

  • Find the survey you created listed on the group page.
  • Go to PDF reports
  • Click on any of the group-level or member-level reports available to see what they contain.
  • Select one or more of the group members and select a specific report type from the drop-down and click "Send by email" to prepare sending the selected report by email to the group members and/or yourself.